Amanda and Mitchell

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Our Story

God brought us together on March 19, 2016 at a local KC sports bar. It was March Madness and we had mutual friends that we had joined to watch basketball games, not knowing we would meet one another. There I was, sitting across the table from the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I was just hoping she was more than a pretty face. Well, she certainly was.

We started talking and have been inseparable ever since. I asked her to go to brunch the next morning, which turned into a full Sunday fun day. There were very few quiet moments as we found we had so many common interests, including sports, which is very important to us!

Her love for Nebraska football and my love of OU and KU, our common ground with the Chiefs and Royals, and definitely a love for Boxers (the dog)! I grew up with Boxers, as my grandparents had 5 generations of Boxers over about 50 years. Remy continues to be our pride and joy. Someone at the dog park once told us that living with a Boxer is like living with a cartoon. Man, so true!

We are so grateful to have such amazing family and friends in our life who are so supportive and loving. We cannot wait to start the next chapter in our journey of life together. Our excitement is over the top in getting to share this experience with all of you this year!

With love,

Mitch & Amanda
Rebecca Turner